Michael O'Leary: Hagstone Story Teller

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"Hampshire and Isle of Wight Ghost Tales" by Michael O'Leary (The History Press) for sale online here

l The stories in this haunting collection are as ancient and modern, powerful and fantastical, ambiguous and ambivalent as the ghosts they feature.

Here you will find tales of headless horses riding moonbeams, an entrance to another world on Marrowbones Hill, drowned sailors and ghost ships, and a girl riding pillion on a motorbike driven by her dead boyfriend - all told in the distinct voice of noted storyteller Michael O'Leary who, for years, has wandered the highways and byways of Hampshire, immersed in the layers of ghost stories that have accumulated in this ancient county.

Richly illustrated with original drawings, these tales are perfect for reading under the covers on dark, stormy nights.

Publisher: The History Press Ltd ISBN: 978075096366


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